Why H2H?

H2H: Human 2 Human
Business with a human face

H2H, also means Human2Human. This marketing strategy involves doing business and marketing for a person. Our company is guided by these business principles in its activities. Of course, we want our customers to love and respect us, and we strive to develop our business and brand. But at the same time, we love and respect our customers, try to help them develop their business, and are very much rooting for their success. In short, we are completely sincere with our customers.

Our advantages


H2H has organized its own courier service in Moscow. We pick up your orders in Moscow and the nearest Moscow region day after day. We work in the "Time trouble"


100% guarantee that nothing will happen to your parcel.
Possibility of insurance of parcels and goods


Payment for delivery, upon receipt of the parcel.
Flexible approach, possibility of installment payments for the purchase of goods and delivery



H2H запустил новую услугу для юридических лиц. Торгово-финансовое агентирование

Торгово-финансовое агентирование


Торговое агентирование – это услуга в международной торговле, которая предлагает закупку товаров у производителей практически из любой страны, а после, их прямую доставку до адресата, без участия клиента. «H2H» предлагает заполнение пакета сопроводительных документов. Менеджеры компании возьмут на себя оплату таможенной пошлины и заполнение декларации на товары. Таким образом, вы сможете приобрести необходимую продукцию у армянского юридического лица!

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Buy for me

We help you make an order! Don't know where to start? Choose products in the online store and send us the links. H2H will help with the order and fill out all the necessary documents. The cost of the service will be only 5% of the cost of the product.

Special solutions for business

H2H provides the following services for the organization.
Many Russian suppliers do not sell their products outside of their country. We are ready to arrange the purchase of necessary goods from any Russian supplier/store and deliver them to Armenia as soon as possible.

Customer support service

We are always happy to help. You can ask any question in your personal account in the Support tab. You can also contact us via live chat – our support staff will contact you promptly.


Always in touch!

We have created a mobile application so that you can shop anywhere. The application is available in the Google Play Market and you can install it absolutely free.

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