Delivery of parcels from online stores in Poland

How does it work?

Register on the website H2H

When registering, you receive our  warehouse address in Poland. When ordering from online stores in Poland and other countries of the European Union, in the "Delivery address" field, specify the address specified in the personal account of the "Poland".

After making a purchase, all order data must be transferred to the form in the personal account, where the order number, online store, name and cost of the goods are indicated. Information about purchases will be stored in your personal account.

We offer ground transportation

The cost of transportation from our warehouse in Poland to the warehouse in Yerevan is 1800 AMD per 1kg (minimal weight 1 kg ) (14-16, Dimensional weight will be counted as follows: 1kg 1250 AMD.

After placing an order, please enter the exact information on our website.

If the dimensional weight exceeds the physical weight, the dimensional weight is taken into account, which is calculated using the following formula:

Dimensional  weight = Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm) / 5000.

The delivery time is 14-16 working days.


H2H will arrange and pay for your order, take care of all negotiations with the seller and make sure that the purchase successfully reaches our warehouse.

For  placing an order, we conclude a commission agreement with you, you pay the purchase price +8% to our account (the minimum amount is 2500AMD) for our services, then we buy the goods.

  • Purchase of goods from any online stores, trading platforms or auctions in Poland and EU countries
  • Individual product search, if you have difficulties in finding it (for example, if it is spare parts, provide its name, vin code of the car and the part code)

 Checking Polish sellers for reliability: We determine the reliability of the seller and identify its negative sides by its ratings and other indicators. Our goal is to warn the buyer about the existing problems of the seller and the possible consequences of buying the goods.

 You can order products from such online stores as: