Purchasing goods from AVITO

Find the good you are interested in on the site www.avito.ru

Sign up on our website https://h2h.am/register

 Send a link to the goods to e-mail info@h2h.am

Employees of our Moscow office contact the buyer and discuss the terms of the transaction (final cost, terms for picking up the goods, and, if necessary, specify the characteristics of the goods).

 After agreeing the terms with you, we conclude a commission agreement with you for the purchase of the goods you have chosen.

You pay the cost of the goods and + 5% of its price.

 Our couriers in any city of the Russian Federation meet with the seller and making sure that the goods meet the characteristics indicated on the website, pays and picks up the goods.

 In one of our offices, if necessary, the goods are packaged and then organizing the delivery to Armenia

You pay the shipping cost upon receipt of the goods.