Delivery of parcels and goods from China

Buy products via “H2H” from any Chinese online stores:
1688(阿里巴巴)天猫) branded products (Gucci, Calvin Klein, Burberry, Zara, Casio etc.)
DangDang(当当)(books and more)
JingDong(京东)electronics and other trading platforms.

In order to purchase the products, it is necessary to register on our website and get the address of our warehouse in China. When placing an order you should specify the address received during registration in the "delivery address" field. Input "H2H" next to your name. The store must deliver the goods to our warehouse in Shenzhen, and provide you the tracking number of the parcel in China.

Register your purchases in your personal account H2H
You need to register the order in your account of H2H.

Important! The registration of your order is necessary; otherwise the delivery of your parcel won’t be realized.
Price  and time term of delivery

Air Delivery - 6 500 AMD per 1 kg

With the implementation of our services, we also provide you with our other unique services:

The service “Buy for me”
We assist customers who are facing difficulties with the purchase of goods in Chinese online stores. You just need to select the product, tell us its characteristics and send us a link, and then we will complete the purchase and its delivery to Armenia. When using this service, payment must be made in advance. The invoice includes the cost of the service at the rate of 8% of the cost of the product. The minimum price is 3500 AMD.