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Delivery from the trade complex «Sadovod»

You provide us the seller's contacts, the number of places, the weight of the goods that you are going to buy from a particular seller and the agreed value of the goods.

You agree with the seller of the goods on the quantity, range and price of the goods!!! We are not responsible for the quality of the goods you purchase!!!

We can pay the cost of the goods upon receipt. To do this, visit our office in Yerevan, conclude a Commission agreement with You, transfer the cost of goods to us +5% for our services.

The price of collecting parcels from each pavilion of the ''Sadovod'' shopping complex up to 10 kg is 4 500 AMD.

The cost of delivery to Yerevan, pay upon receipt of the goods - 1 kg. 2250 AMD. Delivery time-3-4 working days!

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