Delivery of parcels from AliExpress

Order the products you need on the Aliexpress website.

Pay the cost of the product, in the delivery address field specify the address of our warehouse in Moscow, in the field with the first and last name, be sure to add H2H. It is also necessary to mention your  2 -nd  address when you get  while  registerring  on our website.Accordingly, choose the delivery option  "Доставка".

Specify the correct delivery address and your contact information. If there is no correct data, we will not be able to pick up the parcel. You must order the parcel only in your own name; otherwise, we will not be able to pick up the parcel. To get an address in Moscow, register on Immediately after placing your order, enter the track code of your parcel on the "Profile" page" A week after the order, check the track code on the Russian Post website Delivery time on average, China-Moscow-Yerevan 14-17 working days. The cost of delivery from our warehouse in Moscow to Yerevan is 3500 AMD per 1 kg, and rounded up to 100gram.